Bioclear Face Lotion is a remarkable multi-functional resurfacing solution that utilizes a combination of 3 proven acids for a broad range of benefits. Its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, acne scarring, large pores, and uneven texture makes Bioclear a MUST HAVE for nearly all individuals. 



Oily/Normal/Combination skin types. 

Bioclear Face Lotion (Step 3)

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  • Shake well before use. 

    Step 1: Cleanse with Bioglycolic Cleanser or C-Esta Cleansing Gel

    Step 2: Apply C-Esta serum 

    Step 3: BIOCLEAR FACE LOTION, apply sparingly morning and evening to the entire face. 

    To minimize sensitivity start with one application daily then gradually increasing to morning and night use!